Rapid Response to Emerging Disease Program

Give Input

To make the project stronger, anyone is welcome to offer comments, support and/or input at any time. To do so, please contact either the project leader Dr. Derald Holtkamp, dholtkamp@iastate.edu, or the SHIC Executive Director, Dr. Paul Sundberg, psundberg@swinehealth.org.

Read Draft Version here!

The draft Rapid Response Program is extracted from the SHIC solicited proposal for the project and accepted for SHIC funding.

A Work in Progress

Although it has been selected for funding, the following is still a draft. It will be the responsibility of the Advisory Group to help guide the project and mold it into a useful tool for the U.S. pork industry to be able to respond to emerging disease threats.


Phase 1:
The first phase will implement the immediate infrastructure needed to be able to offer a Rapid Response Team response to an outbreak from a known or unknown etiology – form the Advisory Group to help guide the project, recruit and train people that are willing to participate on Rapid Response Teams, develop the surveys and materials needed to conduct a rapid response investigation and ensure contacts and leadership to the project.

Phase 2:
The second phase will build on the infrastructure and fine tune it – continue to refine the surveys, provide a measure of demonstration of expertise to give producers confidence in the process and continue to refine the responsibilities of those running and participating in the process.

Help us find the
right people for the job!

The Swine Health Information Center needs your help in identifying people with the needed expertise to participate in regional SHIC Rapid Response Teams in timely response to requests for assistance with disease outbreaks with the goal of identifying the etiology during the outbreak or for an epidemiological investigation as needed.

How these volunteers will be used:

Team members will be identified with cooperation and input from the veterinarian of record for the site.  A primary and two (if possible) secondary contacts within each Region needs to be identified and asked to participate in Rapid Response Teams in their Region, if needed.

  1. A veterinarian consultant with specific expertise in swine veterinary medicine and epidemiology
  2. University veterinary Extension and/or Subject Matter Expert(s)
    • Veterinary Extension for swine
    • Swine virologist to take the lead in sample collection for further diagnostics in cases of outbreaks of unknown etiologies
    • Swine epidemiologist that can take the technical lead for epidemiological surveys
  3. Someone that may be able to help the team with communications or relationships in niche or alternative production.
    • 4-H, FFA or exhibition
    • Organic, outdoors or other niche production