Diagnostic Support for
Emerging Disease Discovery

SHIC Will Support Diagnostic Fees for Emerging Disease Discovery in Approved Cases.

In cases of high morbidity/high mortality, where an etiology is either not identified or there is a strong supposition that the identified pathogen is not the likely cause of the outbreak, there may be a need for further diagnostic workups. SHIC’s support for these follow-up diagnostic workups will come after producers have funded the initial investigation and it has been determined that further work needs to be done to ensure that an emerging disease is accurately identified.

The following (which may run parallel) are required for support of diagnostic fees in unresolved cases of high morbidity/high mortality:

  • The case involves high or ongoing morbidity or mortality.
  • Routine diagnostics matching the clinical
    presentation have been completed.
  • A panel of diagnosticians has reviewed the case.
    • Panel offers help if the diagnostician of
      the case requests it.
    • Panel concurs that the likely differential
      diagnoses have been addressed.
  • Results are unsatisfactory due to either the veterinarian’s
    clinical judgment or the lack of an identified etiology.
  • The State Animal Health Officer (SAHO) of your state has
    been notified of the case and the lack of a satisfactory diagnosis.
  • A foreign animal disease investigation has been considered
    by the SAHO or federal animal health officials and initiated,
    if appropriate.