February 7, 2018

February 2018 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Releases 2018 Plan of Work to Help Safeguard Swine Health
January Global Surveillance Report Focuses on Poland and Germany
SHIC Funded Diagnostic Research Finds Better Test for PPIV1
SHIC Project Delivers PCV3 Diagnostic Tools
SHIC Project Addresses Finishing Stage Surveillance Gap with Alternative
SHIC Funded Research Discovers Novel JEV Monitoring and Diagnosis Tools
January 8, 2018

January 2018 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Delivers to US Pork Producers During 2017
SHIC Moves Porcine Sapelovirus Up on Swine Disease Matrix
SHIC’s Near Real-time Global Swine Disease Surveillance System Issues First Reports
SHIC Rapid Response Corps Up, Beta-Testing, and Ready
Pot-Bellied Pigs, a Hurricane, and Puerto Rico
December 4, 2017

December 2017 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC’s Initial Near Real-time Global Swine Disease Surveillance System Report Issued
SHIC Seeks Pork Industry Stakeholders’ Input
2017 SHIC Update
November 6, 2017

November 2017 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Monitoring Bat-Sourced Coronavirus Variant in China
SHIC Funds Project to Develop a Model to Predict Disease Outbreaks
Access SHIC Rapid Response Corps Training and Resources
Need More Diagnostics? Short on Funds? SHIC Diagnostic Fee Support Can Help
SHIC Facilitates Communication on Swine Disease Issues
October 3, 2017

October 2017 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC’s US Swine Disease Monitoring System Underway
SHIC Rapid Response Corps Training Now Live
SHIC Reports PRRSv Diagnostic Progress in Uruguay
Oral Fluid ELISA Tests Funded
SHIC Leverages Leman Conference Attendance
SHIC Diagnostic Fee Support Fills Financial Gaps