Emerging Disease Information

Emerging Disease Communications Action Plan

To effectively respond to emerging swine diseases, early communication about outbreaks with new or unexpected etiologies is needed.  To facilitate this veterinarians and pork producers must know the actionables and contacts in the event of an emerging disease.  The Emerging Disease Communication Plan will inform them of the process that will follow notification and the resources available to respond.

Confidentiality of producer, veterinarian or site identifiers will be strictly maintained during the initial calls.  Any actions because of those calls will maintain confidentiality to the level requested by the producer or veterinarian unless state or federal swine health regulations dictate otherwise.

Step 1.  Getting initial diagnostics
A disease event with unexpectedly high morbidity or mortality has occurred and there is a veterinarian of record for the event.

Step 2.  Letting someone know

Step 3.  Organizing and getting full information

Step 4.  Assessing and deciding if further action is needed

Step 5.  Evaluating response options