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Use the outbreak investigation instrument to improve biosecurity for endemic diseases and be better prepared to respond to the introduction of transboundary diseases


The Swine Health Information Center’s Standardized Outbreak Investigation Program (SOIP) was introduced in early 2023 with a downloadable standardized outbreak investigation Word-based form. Now, a web-based application to conduct outbreak investigations is available. Developed in response to an industry need for a standardized tool to make sustainable progress on biosecurity, this expert-built application provides for consistent investigation and data collection. For use of the web-based version, veterinarians will contact the ISU-based administrator for access, a one-time process, at [email protected].

SHIC Drives Standardized Outbreak
Investigation Instrument Development

A standardized outbreak investigation instrument has been developed in response to an industry need for a consistent tool for these efforts. Development of the instrument has been led by Dr. Derald Holtkamp, Iowa State University, and collaborators. Prompted and funded by the Swine Health Information Center, the new instrument is available for download and use from the SHIC website and a web-based version will be launched this spring.

ISU Proposal for an Industry-Standard Outbreak Investigation

March 2022

To protect the United States swine industry from substantial economic losses caused by an emerging, or transboundary disease outbreak, producers and veterinarians need to rapidly identify, control, and eliminate the pathogen. In response to events following the introduction of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, the Swine Health Information Center funded Iowa State University to develop the Rapid Response to Emerging Disease Program in August of 2016. The program now includes a nationwide network of veterinarians, state animal health officials or representatives, epidemiologists, and, when appropriate, federal animal health officials (Rapid Response Team) who are trained, prepared, and committed to moving within 24 hours of contact to conduct epidemiological investigations when a new transboundary or emerging disease threat occurs. The investigation form and reporting instrument used by the Rapid Response Team to conduct a rapid response outbreak investigation are now available for download on the SHIC website. 

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