May 2024 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC/AASV H5N1 IAV Webinar Addresses Global Influenza Surveillance and Risk to Swine

SHIC/AASV H5N1 IAV Webinar Addresses Dairy Experience and Biosecurity on Swine Farms

IAV surveillance programs – article to come

SHIC-Funded MSHMP Project Fills PDCoV Epidemiologic Information Gap

SHIC/FFAR JEV Request for Research Proposals Nets 26 Reponses

May Disease Monitoring Reports

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April 2024 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC/AASV Webinar Will Address HPAI in Livestock and Risk to Swine

SHIC-Funded Assessment Identifies US South as Highest Risk Region for JEV Introduction and Transmission

SHIC Project Develops Japanese Encephalitis Virus Diagnostic Test for Swine

MSHMP Continues to Build Capacity with SHIC Funding per Annual Report

SHIC Global Disease Monitoring Report Renewed by Board

SHIC-funded Vehicle Movement Study Provides Insight into Risks for Swine Disease Spread

Retired SHIC Executive Director Sundberg Receives Pork Industry Honor

April Disease Monitoring Reports

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