January 2022 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Receives Pork Checkoff Funding for Program Extension to 2027
SHIC/AASV Influenza Webinar Addresses Management Strategies for Seasonal Challenges
SHIC-Funded Infectious Aerosols Biocontainment Project Provides Initial Results
SHIC Diagnostic Assay Catalog Update Supports Emerging Disease Readiness
SHIC-Funded MSHMP Year Seven Goals to Expand Participation and Capacity

January Disease Monitoring Reports

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December 2021 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Funds Porcine Sapelovirus Genetic Characterization and Diagnostic Tool Development
SHIC-Funded Study Evaluated Soy Importation Data
More SHIC-Funded Vietnam ASF Research Results Reported
SSHIC-Funded MSHMP and NCSU Project Models PRRS Dissemination Dynamics
SHIC Shares Swine Health Information with Farm Broadcasters
Influenza Management Strategies Webinar
December Disease Monitoring Reports

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