March 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

Call for Proposals: Identifying Gaps in US Pork Industry Biosecurity
SHIC Soliciting Proposals for AFS Research in Vietnam
SHIC Efforts Assess Tools for Feed Biosecurity Related to CSF and PRV
SHIC’s Updated Diagnostic Assay Catalog Gives Diagnosticians Valuable Tools
SHIC Reminds International Travelers to Request Secondary Screening When Appropriate
Coronavirus Information
March Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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February 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

Updated Feed Holding Time Calculations Inform Biosecurity Processes
SHIC 2020 Plan of Work Emphasizes Actionable Steps to Protect US Herd
SHIC Funding for SHMP Capacity Building Detailed in Final Report
SHIC Funding Brings Tools for Detection of SADS-CoV Closer to Completion
SHIC Engages with Canadian Group for ASF Research Priorities
Disease Monitoring Reports

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