August 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC Issues a Call for Proposals for Improved Oral Fluids PCR Sensitivity
SHIC-Funded MSHMP Sequencing Project to Give Producers Edge in Responding to Emerging Virus Strains
SHIC Sponsored Research in Vietnam Looks at Risk of ASF Transmission via Boar Studs
Hemorrhagic Tracheitis Standardized Submissions to Help Find Etiology Supported by SHIC
SHIC Launches Podcast to Share Timely Swine Health Information
August Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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July 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

Report on Influenza Variant in Swine in China Lacks Context
Jointly Funded Project Will Look for Gaps in US Pork Industry Biosecurity
Pig Flow Connections, Mycoplasma, Database Enhancements Now in SHIC-Funded MSHMP
Predicting PED Outbreaks, PRRS Transmission, and Adding Genetic Analysis to SHIC-Funded MSHMP
SHIC Enables Test-and-Remove ASF Protocol Study in Vietnam
SHIC Grant Funds Research into Potential Role of Rodents as ASF Vectors in Vietnam
SHIC-Funded Genetic Characterization of S. Zooepidemicus Provides Preparedness Tools
SHIC Domestic Disease Report Expands to Include State-by-State Pathogen Trends
July Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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