May 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

COVID-19 Resource Links
SHIC Disease Monitoring Reports Survey

SHIC Study Looks at PCV3 Associations with Clinical Signs and Pathology
SHIC-Funded Demonstration Project Confirms Viral Survival in Feed
SHIC-Funded Study Responds to Sapovirus Discovery with Diagnostic Tools
SHIC-Funded Global Surveillance System Maintains Focus on Swine Health Risks
May Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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April 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

SHIC and AASV Host Hemorrhagic Tracheitis Webinar
Farm Crisis Operations Planning Tool
SHIC Study Examines Mitigant Efficacy in Pathogen-Contaminated Feed
April Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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March 2020 SHIC eNewsletter

Call for Proposals: Identifying Gaps in US Pork Industry Biosecurity
SHIC Soliciting Proposals for AFS Research in Vietnam
SHIC Efforts Assess Tools for Feed Biosecurity Related to CSF and PRV
SHIC’s Updated Diagnostic Assay Catalog Gives Diagnosticians Valuable Tools
SHIC Reminds International Travelers to Request Secondary Screening When Appropriate
Coronavirus Information
March Swine Disease Monitoring Reports

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