Plan of Work

• Swine Disease Matrix Review and Revision

• Monitoring and Mitigating Risks to Swine Health

• Improving Swine Health Information

• Surveillance and Discovery of Emerging Disease

• Responding to Emerging Disease

Swine Health Information Center Scope of Work


Global Swine Health and Issues Identification

Through domestic and international disease monitoring, the Center will manage the Swine Disease Matrix and heighten awareness and actions about emerging diseases. The result will be improvement of the U.S. pork industry preparedness and information to enhance the biosecurity and biocontainment ability to protect the U.S. swine herd.


Targeted Research Investments

Organizing and funding the research needed for building diagnostic capabilities, quickly responding to swine health needs and identifying risks will help to minimize the impact of diseases and will be a core activity of the Center.


Swine Health Data Analysis and Monitoring for Trends

Enhancing producer communications through programs like the Swine Health Monitoring Project is a priority of the Center. The Center will also help producers to get information about emerging and endemic disease trends. It will review and provide support to improve active disease introduction risk assessments, which will help producers better design their farms’ biosecurity.

Scope of Work Structure

The goal of the structure of the Swine Health Information Center is to offer pork producer oversight and decision making supplemented and informed by subject matter expertise. To complete the SHIC Scope of Work, two working groups are formed.


Monitoring and Analysis Working Group

This group is charged with assessing domestic and foreign production disease risk using information from a variety of sources. The outcome of this assessment is the on-going prioritization of the Swine Disease Matrix.

It is also responsible for monitoring and advising the Swine Health Monitoring Project and the use of information technologies to reach the Swine Health Monitoring Project goals. In addition, it is responsible for development and advice for on-going projects to monitor domestic diseases affecting swine health and the data analysis projects that will support on-farm, prospective producer decision making.


Preparedness and Response Working Group

This group is charged with oversight of the Swine Disease Matrix and other preparedness or response research. It reviews the analysis of the Matrix capabilities and is responsible for funding research to fulfill the Matrix objectives.

It is also responsible for advising and oversight of SHIC’s role in the emerging swine diseases response plan. That includes the roles and responsibilities of Rapid Response Team deployment in response to an emerging swine health disease and for the information and analysis necessary to support the appropriate pork producer and pork industry response to emerging swine diseases.