Feed Risk and Mitigation

SHIC – University of Minnesota Soy Supply Chain Workshop
African Swine Fever Soybean Meal Supply Chain Workshop Notes
USDA: Qualitative Assessment of the Likelihood of ASF entry to the US
How Secrecy and Loopholes Fueled China’s Swine Fever Crisis Article
SHIC – University of Minnesota Vitamin Supply Chain Workshop
University of Minnesota ASF – Soy Supply Chain Workshop Presentation
Feed Risk and Mitigation Reports
Feed Risk Consortium Meeting Report
Holding Time Calculation for Feed Ingredients
AFIA Handling Imported Feed Ingredients
Questions for Feed Suppliers
Feed Ingredient Safety Decision Tree Matrix
Non-animal Origin Feed Ingredients and the Transmission of Viral Pathogens of Swine
USDA: Non-Animal Origin Feed Ingredient Risk Evaluation Framework
CFIA: Order Imposing Conditions in Relation to Secondary Control Zones In Respect of ASF
African Swine Fever – Vitamin Supply Chain Workshop Notes April 26, 2019
Half-Life for Feed Holding Time
Vitamin Supply Chain Report