The Swine Health Information Center’s Rapid Response Program, designed for epidemiological investigations of
transboundary or newly emerging swine diseases is operational.

Carried out by the Rapid Response Corps, a team of specifically-trained industry experts to analyze the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in affected herds, the Program is being tested in the field and stands ready to perform when needed. Corps members include practicing and consulting veterinarians, diagnosticians, and epidemiologists with significant expertise and passion for safeguarding the US swine herd.

Training for Corps members began in August 2017. Professionals in each of the six Rapid Response Program regions have signed the Memorandum of Understanding to become part of the team and have participated in the online training.

The resources gathered for the Rapid Response Corps online training are available for all, regardless of interest in becoming a team member. By registering, you can access the training modules which serve as an excellent aid for developing your own rapid response protocol.

The Rapid Response Program is designed to cover the US with six defined regions. The six regions are small enough so Corps members from within the region can drive to outbreaks and be on the site within 72 hours of invitation being given by the affected producer.

When responding to a disease issue, Corps members will:

Contact SHIC to Learn More

To learn more about the SHIC Rapid Response Program or provide input, contact SHIC Executive Director Dr. Megan Niederwerder ([email protected]) or the program coordinator, Dr. Derald Holtkamp ([email protected]).