SHIC Diagnostic Fee Support

Designed for Emerging Disease Discovery in Approved Cases

In cases of high morbidity/high mortality, where an etiology is either not identified or there is a strong supposition the identified pathogen is not the likely cause of the outbreak, there may be a need for further diagnostic work. In these cases, support for the fees of further diagnostic work may help identify newly introduced or emerging swine diseases. SHIC offers funding for additional diagnostic testing in approved cases; a description of the requirements, submission and review process can be found here.

There is risk of missing an emerging disease if a definitive diagnosis is not pursued diligently. SHIC recognizes limitations on resources may be a barrier and developed this program to assist at the production level for the benefit of the national herd.


  • Routine diagnostics matching the clinical presentation have been completed.
  • Results are unsatisfactory due to either the veterinarian’s clinical judgment or the lack of an identified etiology.
  • Originating diagnostician will submit the submission form to a panel of diagnosticians for review.
  • SHIC will confirm the state animal health officer has been informed and a decision on initiating a foreign animal disease investigation has been considered.
  • Originating diagnostician is responsible for a case record including a form for diagnosticians assuring permission for further testing.
  • SHIC Diagnostician Panel will contact originating diagnostician within 48 hours then provide a written report of recommendations subsequent to case review.
  • When further testing is complete, the originating diagnostician provides the Panel report and additional results to submitter and is responsible for generating a final report to submitter, Diagnostician Panel, and SHIC.
  • When the final report is accepted, SHIC will send diagnostic fee payment.