September 28 SHIC/AASV Webinar Will Address F18-Associated Gut Edema Management

The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) and American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) will host a webinar on F18-associated gut edema management on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at 1:00 pm CDT. The goal of the webinar is to raise awareness about the recent, unique clinical picture and diagnostic findings associated with the disease.

Recent outbreaks of F18-related gut edema disease display pigs scouring followed by central nervous system clinical signs and mortality. While these clinical symptoms occurred years ago, in recent years this signalment hasn’t been as common. Recent reports and discussions among veterinarians have been about edema disease increasing and presenting this new clinical picture. Another unique challenge of recent gut edema cases associated with F18 is the apparent unresponsiveness to competitive inhibition, avirulent F18 vaccine. Also, some of the cases are resistant to nearly all antibiotics making effective treatment options limited.

F18-related gut edema disease is under-represented in diagnostic lab submissions and is commonly approached with post-treatment rather than pre-treatment sampling. Because of this, the webinar will offer a discussion focusing on prevention and effective interventions.

Presenters during the webinar will be Drs. Drew Magstadt, Deb Murray, and Kurt Kuecker. Dr. Magstadt is with Iowa State University, Dr. Murray is with New Fashion Pork, and Dr. Kuecker is with Hanor Companies.

SHIC/AASV sponsored webinars bring together subject matter experts to discuss current issues facing US pork producers and practitioners. Conducted by the Iowa State University Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC), webinar participants include practitioners with first-hand experience with the topic being discussed, diagnosticians, and other experts. Completed webinars are posted online for convenient access here.

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