SHIC – ASF Vaccine Status in Vietnam Update

In an article published on a Vietnamese agriculture news website during September 2022, positive ASF vaccination results and encouragement for stricter control were shared. Following a vaccination trial performed by the Vietnam Department of Animal Health on two farms with 258 pigs, officials said 20 localities have now deployed vaccinations with a total of more than 21,000 doses following all appropriate guidelines. 

A visit to a family farm in Vinh Phuc province by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and other representatives in early September gave the officials the opportunity for a vaccine trial and observation. On one of the farms where the ASF vaccine was deployed in two rounds, several pigs were noted to have mild fevers but all were stable at the time of the farm visit.

Responding to deaths of pigs receiving an ASF vaccine in Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Quang Ngai provinces, officials determined it was caused by uncontrolled vaccination processes out of compliance with Ministry guidelines, at incorrect ages and dosages. It was said deaths of post-vaccination pigs could be attributed to the supply and sale of vaccines directly to veterinarians and farmers for self-vaccination.

As a result of their positive findings in Vinh Phuc province, Ministry officials intend to expand ASF vaccinations soon. Their plans are to deploy up to 600,000 doses. Stricter control of the vaccination process, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry, Department of Animal Health instructions, and with the correct vaccination targets will guide the process. Supervision to evaluate effectiveness of the vaccine will continue.

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