SHIC Notes CSF and ASF Ruled Out in Ecuador

Following report of an undiagnosed swine disease in Ecuador, ProMED, a program of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, published a report stating CSF had been ruled out in the Esmeraldas province after the disease alert was raised on September 7, 2022. In a clarification published subsequently, ProMed reported the samples collected from their unknown disease outbreak are negative for ASF as well. More information SHIC has been able to gather gives added confidence to the report by ProMed.

The lab at Agrocalidad, Ecuador’s agriculture quality assurance agency, tested two dozen samples, subsequently issuing the negative results for CSF and ASF. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Ecuador is engaged and the updated ProMED report relieves concerns over ASF being the undiagnosed disease.  

Global Program – Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) is a joint initiative of the WOAH and FAO to help in the fight against the most significant transboundary animal diseases around the world. Because of USDA’s continued offer for diagnostic assistance through the Caribbean as well as Central and South America, the GF-TADS is aware of the outbreak and has offered additional diagnostic support from laboratories recognized by WOAH for their ability to confidently process diagnostic samples and test for ASF.

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