SHIC Sponsoring 2022 NAPRRS Symposium Sessions

The North American PRRS Symposium annually brings together members of the swine disease community, including researchers, industry professionals, and field practitioners. Initially driven by PRRS-related concerns, the emergence and spread of new swine viruses, such as PEDV and ASFV, has expanded the Symposium’s focus. Emerging and transboundary swine diseases are the topic along with integration with the USDA NC229 multi-state project. The 2022 meeting will be held December 2-4, 2022, at the InterContinental in Chicago.

SHIC is co-organizing two sessions on Saturday, December 3, including Emerging Diseases and Field Detection and Modern Technologies in Swine Disease Diagnostics. SHIC has been involved in organizing NAPRRS/NCC229 as well, with Drs. Sundberg and Niederwerder serving on the planning committee.

In the SHIC co-organized session Emerging Diseases and Field Detection, presentations will include Emerging Swine Disease Investigation: SHIC Update by Paul Sundberg, SHIC, Global Disease Monitoring for Swine Diseases by Maria Sol Perez Aguirreburualde, University of Minnesota, and Japanese Encephalitis Virus: an Emerging Transboundary Pathogen by Leela Noronha, USDA-ARS.  

The second session co-organized by SHIC, Modern Technologies in Swine Disease Diagnostics, begins with a presentation on Next Generation of Swine Diagnostic Laboratory Platforms by Luis Gimenez-Lirola, Iowa State University, followed by Development of a Single, Rapid Workflow for Simultaneous Detection of >50 Swine Viruses from Field Samples presented by Noelle Noyes, University of Minnesota. Then Differentiation of PRRS Vaccine Strains Using Luminex Bead-Based Technology from Jianfa Bai, Kansas State University, and Low-Cost Biosensors for Rapid, On-Chip, On-Site Detection of Swine Respiratory Viruses from Liang Dong, Iowa State University will follow in this session.

The full agenda and registration information are available on the NAPRRS/NCC229 website:

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