Time and Temp for Inactivation of ASF Virus Studied with SHIC Vietnam ASF Grant Funds

A project to determine the time and temperature for complete inactivation of the African swine fever (ASF) virus is underway, funded by The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) using proceeds from a $1.7 million USDA Foreign Agricultural Service grant awarded last fall. The goal is gathering as much information on ASF management and control as possible to benefit both US and Vietnamese pork producers. Researchers from the University of Nebraska and Vietnam National University of Agriculture looking at the time and temperature for ASF virus inactivation are specifically looking at aluminum surfaces contaminated with organic materials. The research will simulate the sanitation protocols currently used to disinfect animal trailers under three conditions:

Researchers will use two methods for evaluating the efficiency of heat treatment – real-time PCR and virus titration in cultured cells to measure viral infectivity. Knowing ASF virus inactivation efficacy will better prepare producers for implementing sound biosecurity protocols should the disease reach the US.

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